Polish Government Scholarships

Polish Government Scholarships are awarded to young researchers and students on the basis of mutual agreements between countries. Studies at the Jagiellonian University are free of charge for holders of the Polish Government Scholarships. The scholarships are administered by the Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange, Ministry of National Education in Warsaw.

Applying for Polish Government Scholarship

Foreigners applying for the Polish Government Scholarship should enquire and submit suitable documents at Polish Embassies and Consulates in their countries of residence. Their applications are later sent to the Jagiellonian University by the Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange in Warsaw.

Contact and Information:
Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange

ul. Ogrodowa 28/30, 00-896 Warszawa
tel: (+48 22) 826 74 34
faks: (+48 22) 826 28 23

Amount of scholarships per month: (acad year 2014/2015)

  • 900 PLN for Bachelor and Master studies
  • 1,350 PLN for non-degree research stays and doctoral studies
  • 1,600 PLN for research (with habilitation)e

Payment of scholarship

Scholarships are paid monthly by Departmental Coordinators for Financial Aid.

The payment of a stipend will be withheld if a student's stay abroad exceeds 24 days in a month. Scholarship could be withdrawn if a student has no valid visa or resident card to legalise his stay in Poland.

Neither advance payment nor collecting money on somebody's behalf is possible. Should the first day of a month be weekend/holiday collecting scholarship will be possible on the first working day. Electronic transfer is possible (only to Polish bank accounts) after having informed the Internationa lStudents Office about the bank account number (26-digit numbers).

Additional amounts for scholarships holders

Scholarship holders, who receive scholarship in current academic year, can also apply for additional amounts:

  • in exceptional fate situations - a one-time allowance (40% of monthly paid scholarship amount)
  • at last year of studies - a one-time allowance supporting thesis writing (bachelor, master, PhD) (40% of monthly paid scholarship amount)
  • persons residing permanently outside the geographical Europe (including Asian part of the Russian Federation) at first year of studies - a one-time allowance for development (60% of monthly paid scholarship amount)


Monika Rząca, MA


(+48 12) 663 1515

Agata Wądolna, MA


(+48 12) 663 1516

International Students Office

ul. Gołębia 24, room 21
31-007 Kraków

faks: (+48 12) 663 1545