The Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies originated in 1993. Its member countries include: Poland, Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Republic of Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania and Hungary. Scholar and student exchange is supervised by a coordinator based in the institute, which signed a particular CEEPUS project (not by the International Students Office).

» Contact and information

Polish CEEPUS Office:

Mr. Michal Skowronski
Smolna 13; 00-375 Warszawa
Phone: (+4822) 826 74 34;
Fax: (+4822) 826 28 23
Email: mskow@men.waw.pl,

CEEPUS coordinators at the Jagiellonian University:

Institute of European Studies
dr Natasza Styczyńska

Institue of Philosophy
dr Michał Klincewicz

  • tel: (+48 12) 6631725
  • email: michal.klincewicz@gmail.com 


Faculty of Polish Studies
prof dr hab. Albert Gorzkowski

Institute of Geological Sciences
dr Elżbieta Machaniec

Institute of Geography and Spatial Management
mgr Katarzyna Rotter-Jarzębińska
dr Katarzyna Ostapowicz


Institute of Psychology
prof dr hab. Edward Nęcka


Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology
dr Marek Pawlak

  • tel: (+48) 691 726 476
  • email: ethnoo@gmail.com


Institute of American Studies and Polish Diaspora
dr Anna Bartnik


Institute of History

dr Vitaliy Nagirnyy

  • tel. (+48) 12 663-1231
  • e-mail: vitaliy.nagirnyy@uj.edu.pl


Institute of Religious Studies
Prof. dr hab. Halina Grzymała-Moszczyńska

  • tel. (+4812) 663-1717 
  • e-mail: halina.grzymala-moszczynska@uj.edu.pl

» Legal documents

International students at Jagiellonian University will be provided with:

  • Student ID card: a green plastic rectangle card with a photo, a document issued by the unit to which a student has been admitted. It is valid if a hologram is affixed to it for the periods from 1st October to 31st March and from 1st April to 31st October. It entitles its holder to library use, concession fares on public transport in the city, concession rail fares (if owner is under 26 years of age) and to concessions in cultural institutions (theatres, museums, etc).

» Insurance

International students at the Jagiellonian University must have insurance that is valid insurance in Poland.

Jagiellonian University does not provide any health insurance for students !

EU students should have their own insurance valid for the territory of European Union (for example European Health Insurance Card or other).

Students from countries other than from European Union should obtain medical care/health insurance in their country; or hold a European Health Insurance Card; or sign an individual medical care agreement directly with an insurer (e.g. National Health Fund, ul. Batorego 24, call centre: (+48) (12) 19488; Falck, call centre: 19675; PZU Życie S.A., call centre: 0801 111 811, etc.). The monthly cost of individual insurance is about 50 PLN.

» Visa

Visa requirements depend on on your citizenship. Some international students require passport and student visa to enter Poland, while others need it if they arrive in Poland with the intention of studying, even if they do not need one to cross the border.

For information about visa procedures for non EU citizens please contact the Polish Consulate in your country.

After registration at International Students Office you should register at the Referee of Evidence of Citizens, address: Aleja Powstania Warszawskiego 10.

For visa formalities contact the Department of Citizen Affairs, address: Przy Rondzie 6. 

Please find more details in our Guide for International Students.

» Housing

CEEPUS students should contact the CEEPUS coordinator and ask for accommodation. Then the CEEPUS coordinator will contact with International Students Office to book a place in a student dormitory for the student. It is not possible to book place for CEEPUS student without official information and without registration of CEEPUS student in the USOS system.

University halls of residence

We offer shared (double) rooms available in two dorms: Żaczek (al. 3 Maja 5) and Piast (ul. Piastowska 47). The cost per person is currently 340 zł per month, including internet access.

Please note, that we are not able to offer housing to all international students and the registration is based on a first-come first-serve system, therefore you should apply for student accomodation as soon as you are accepted for the programme.

Private housing

Private housing rent ranges between 300 and 2000 złoty, depending on whether you are sharing a room/flat and with how many people, how far from the centre the flat is, and other room/flat conditions.

Erasmus Student Network, student organisation at the Jagiellonian University, helps international students with finding a flat or a room. For more details please visit ESN website.


International Students Mobility Office

International Students Mobility Office

ul. Gołębia 24, room 21,
31-007 Krakow, Poland
phone: (+48 12) 663 1546
fax: (+48 12) 663 1545

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri 10.00 a.m.-2.00 p.m.

Polish CEEPUS Office

Mr. Michal Skowronski
ul. Smolna 13
00-375 Warszawa
tel: (+4822) 826 74 34
fax: (+4822) 826 28 23
e-mail: mskow@men.waw.pl,