Course offer

International students studying at the Jagiellonian University within exchange programmes such as Erasmus+ and CEEPUS, as well as within bilateral agreements and Utrecht Network - have a wide choice of non-degree courses in Polish and foreign languages offered by 16 faculties.

Students may choose among courses offered by the institute, to which the student is enrolled.

In order to register for courses of other institute / faculty, both institutional coordinators should give their consent.

ERASMUS students and other exchange students may attend courses taught in Polish and the non-degree programmes in English free of charge.



Where to find the courses and course descriptions?

  • the USOSweb system:

> Go to USOSweb (

> Main menu Directory

> Courses

> Directory > choose from hierarchy

> Find your unit of interest e.g. Faculty of Law and Aministration

> Left menu courses conducted

> Info Box: show courses offered by this faculty


  • JU course catalogue searcher - it is possible to search by language or semester or university unit


1. !!! List of the  courses in English and other foreign languages planned for 2018/2019 Academic Year.

Please double check information about the courses in the USOSweb system.  Full information about the courses in USOSweb will be available from June/ July.

Registration to the courses in I semester will be possible in the end of September and beginning of October.


2. ***List of the courses in English and other foreign languages offered in the Academic Year 2017/2018.



3.  ***list of the courses in English and other foreign languages  that were offered in the Academic Year 2016/2017.



  • a list of courses taught in ukrainian and russian of the Institute for Eastern Slavonic Studies for 2015/16



Where and how to register to a course?


  • Registration to the courses will be possible in the beginning of each semester.

​please check information about the registration in the preliminary list of the courses or check below:

  • register via the USOSweb, if the registration to the course is active for you in your USOSweb -> Registration -> then remember about the TWO OBLIGATORY steps
  1. ->> register via the USOSweb to the course (USOSweb instruction is available here)
  2. ->> link the course, you would like to attend, to ER-International Students Office (Linkage instructions - two available - 1 and 2)


  • via secretary office in the particular department, if the registration to the course is not active in USOSweb, then visit in person the department and ask for registration to the wanted course


  • via email, when this registration type was announced by the departamental coordinator



Krzysztof Byrski, MA

Aleksandra Szklarzewicz, MA

Monika Butryn, MA

Iryna Tsykra

International Students Office
ERASMUS+ Programme

Gołębia 24, room 21,
31-007 Krakow, Poland
phone: (+48 12) 663 1071, (+48 12) 663 1072, (+48 12) 663 1073
fax: (+48 12) 663 1545